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With life moving into the cloud monitoring and managing your resources, and keeping them safe from prying eyes, is more critical then ever before.

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Your server is a complex machine and you need to understand what keeps it running and what resources are being used to give it all shes got.

LoadAvg gives you the tools you need to easily manage performance and stay on top of your servers, in the rack or in the cloud.

Why Choose LoadAvg?

LoadAvg’s load management tools will help you to view resource trends and patterns so you can easily pinpoint high resource usage times.

Visually access the daily load on your server and compare the load average over different days, so you can get a better understanding of your systems.

Advanced Load Management

Find out what makes your server sweat and get a better understanding of your systems.

Powerful Server Analytics

View hardware, software and process usage at a glance with powerful charts and graphs.