We are pleased to announce the final release of LoadAVG 1.5. With this release, we are pleased to announce that we have made LoadAVG open source software and it is now governed under the General Public Licence, GPL v3.

LoadAVG is a simple and lightweight method of monitoring load, memory usage and transfer throughput on a Linux server. Every method of monitoring has an impact on the system being monitored – LoadAVG is designed to keep that impact as low as possible. It generates HTML & CSS charts, thereby shifting much of the work from the server to the client – your web browser.

LoadAVG was designed to work on a dedicated server but works fine on Virtuozzo and OpenVZ VPS (Virtual Private Server) servers. Please note that on Virtuozzo v. 3 and OpenVZ servers the small beanc helper utility is required to access VPS status information. The helper utility is not required for Virtuozzo v. 2.6 servers.

You can now find LoadAVG hosted on sourceforge at: