We are pleased to announce the release of LoadAvg 2.0. Version 2.0 is a rewrite from the ground up and features a completely new framework that has been redesigned with speed and scaleability in mind.

Version 2.0 can easily be expanded through the addition of new modules, and currently includes support for monitoring Server Load, Memory, Disk Usage & Swap, Network Bandwidth (across multiple interfaces), Apache Usage, MySql thru-put and SSH access logs.


With this new framework in place, we will now start to focus on streamlining the core and adding new features and functionality, including:

1. Alerts and Alarms
2. Better server data
3. Security data
4. Additional monitoring modules


We are also working on the development of GridLoad (www.gridload.com), a web based SaaS centralised solution that runs on the LoadAvg Server so you can easily view and manage all your server servers from a single location. To facilitate this we are also working on a standalone, c++ logging daemon, loadavgd, to deliver a streamlined logger that eliminates the php/apache requirements loadavg currently has.

About LoadAvg

LoadAvg is free software that will change the way you manage your servers by helping you to easily manage performance and stay on top of your hardware. LoadAvg is easy to download and easy to install, and it features a built in update system to make sure you have the latest version.