How to upgrade CentOS 6 to Php 5.5

We have been struggling with APC across multiple sites so decided to take the plunge and upgrade to Php 5.5 which comes with its own built in Opcode cache. As with any major upgrade, we had major concerns about breaking everything on the server so did a backup of everything first.

Why Log Analytics is a Great Place to Start with Big Data

First, let’s define what we mean by log analytics. The most common log analytics use case involves using Apache Hadoop to process machine-generated logs, which are typically clickstreams from Web applications or servers that support Web applications. Log analytics requires an ability to ingest a large amount of semi-structured information and then boil that information down into a more consumable data set that summarizes the important bits from the interactions. Log processing (for ad placement) is a core use case that Hadoop was invented to help with—so it’s no surprise that it functions well in this scenario. Google, Yahoo, and […]

7 habits of highly successful Unix admins

You can spend 50-60 hours a week managing your Unix servers and responding to your users’ problems and still feel as if you’re not getting much done or you can adopt some good work habits that will both make you more successful and prepare you for the next round of problems. Unix admins generally work a lot of hours, juggle a large set of priorities, get little credit for their work, come across as arrogant by admins of other persuasions, tend to prefer elegant solutions to even the simplest of problems, take great pride in their ability to apply regular […]

Welcome to the Top

There are a ton of great tools out there for server monitoring and diagnostics that are based on the original top command, and that can be used to help you monitor and manage linux boxes. Inspired by a recent post on Hacker News by Anders Aarvik we have compiled in this post the top command line tools out there for monitoring system resources. We will put up another post with tools for monitoring network io, bandwidth and web based processes after this. htop Htop is an interactive process viewer and is a widely extended version of top, with a big […]

CA Aims to Improve API Security

CA Technologies today announced new mobility and API security technologies to help protect the modern open perimeter of the IT security landscape. John Hawley, vice-president of Strategy at CA, explained to eSecurityPlanet that in the past security was all about protecting the edge of the network with strong security. With mobile apps and the widespread use of APIs for applications, however, the boundary is shifting and the perimeter is more open than ever before. “Mobility from our perspective is the biggest IAM (identity and access management) spending driver today as it introduces a variety of new challenges,” Hawley said. One […]

Microsoft neck and neck with Amazon in Windows hosting

Microsoft has edged ahead of Amazon to become the largest hosting company as measured by the number of web-facing Windows computers. The pair have been neck and neck for almost nine months: Microsoft now has 23,400 web-facing Windows computers against Amazon’s 22,600. Barring companies with large connectivity aspects to their businesses — including China Telecom, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon — Amazon and Microsoft are the largest Windows hosting companies in the world, though the market is still fragmented with each having just over 1% of the market. Microsoft’s growth is predominantly a result of the growth of Windows Azure: […]

LoadAvg is on Tip4Commit

We are pleased to announce that LoadAvg is now on Tip4Commit! Feel free to head over and sponsor our developers using your spare bitcoins, or fix a bug and get a tip! You can find us here: What is tip4Commit ? Contribute to Open Source! Donate bitcoins to open source projects or make commits and get tips for it. How it works? People donate bitcoins to projects. When someone’s commit is accepted to the project repository, we automatically tip the author. Donate Find a project you like and deposit bitcoins to it. Your money will be accumulated with money […]

Profiling LoadAvg with XHProf

One of the most important aspects of a load monitoring tool is that it doesnt create load itself. In order to review the load created by LoadAvg 2.0 we are going to be running it through two of the leading php profiling tools. In this post we start with XHProf. HXProf is a is a function-level hierarchical profiler for PHP that has a simple HTML based user interface and integrated charts. It was written by Facebook and then Open Sourced and can be found at XHProf is a function-level hierarchical profiler for PHP and has a simple HTML based […]

LoadAvg V2 Screenshots

As we get ready for the next beta of LoadAvg 2.0 we just wanted to share a screenshot of the new look. Thanks to its modular design, you can now turn different modules on or off as needed. Here is a screenshot with cpu load, memory and 2 network interfaces activated. This is running on a Raspberry Pi bitcoin mining rig which is currently being used to run Slush’s Stratum Mining Proxy. The Pi is configured as a standalone wifi proxy, wlan0 is connected to a external Wifi network for internet access and a Blockerrupter Cube is direct connected to […]

NTP ATTACKS: Welcome to The Hockey Stick Era

Although Network Time Protocol (NTP) reflection/amplification attacks have been observed in the wild for many years, they have received an uptick in popularity due to recent high-profile attacks, first in late December 2013 on gaming networks, and again this week in Europe. Arbor is able to confirm that our ATLAS system monitored an attack on Monday, February 10 targeting a destination in France, peaking at 325 Gbps. Since then, ATLAS has observed no less than 4 more attacks exceeding 100 Gbps since then, targeting destinations in France including a 266 Gbps attack on February 13. According to Arbor’s ninth Annual […]