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LoadAvg is free software that will change the way you manage your servers by helping you to easily manage performance and stay on top of your hardware. LoadAvg is easy to download and easy to install, and it features a built in update system to make sure you have the latest version.



LoadAvg is a light (as in no framework) PHP based application and so only needs a host running PHP and a web front end such as Apache, NGinx or Lightppd. We currently support PHP v 5.0 and up.

LoadAvg can run from just about anywhere, it can run on its own domain ( ) on a sub-domain ( ) or in a sub-directoty ( ). You can even set it up to be systemwide on your server ( ).

Download LoadAvg

You can download LoadAvg from the download now link on this page, you can copy it directly to your server from the command line via wget, or you can grab it using git for easy updates.

Direct download link


Copy to your server using wget

# wget


# wget

Grab it using git

# git clone

Get up and running

Once you have downloaded LoadAvg head over to our installation guide and follow the instructions there to get up and running quickly.

Bugs & Features

Found a bug or have a feature request ? Please report it in our bug and issue tracker at GitHub.


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  • Latest Version 2.2
  • Visual Charts yes
  • Load usage yes
  • Memory usage yes
  • Network traffic yes
  • Disk usage yes
  • MySql & Apache yes
  • SSH access yes
  • Requires Linux, PHP 5.0 +
  • Supports Apache, NGinx, Lightppd
FREE / Download Now
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