Once you have selected a install location, and downloaded LoadAvg you can now proceed with installation. Installation is a easy, two step procedure which includes running the installer, and then setting up the logger so that it can capture data.

Configure Script

LoadAvg has a built in configure script that needs to be run before installing. It sets everything up for you, to run it simply type the following in the LoadAvg home directory.

# cd loadavg (if you arent already there)
# ./configure

Run The Installer

Now you can simply point your web-browser at the LoadAvg installer, based on the install location you chose in the configuration guide. We are using the easiest location here, which is assuming that you have installed it in your web root.


Now simply follow the instructions to get LoadAvg installed and configured for use.


Set up the logger

Once you have installed LoadAVG, head over to our logger setup page for next steps.