The MySQL module allows you to track and monitor load that is being generated on your MySQL database. It does this by parsing your databases’s GLOBAL STATUS stats and recording this information for display in the LoadAvg charting module as seen below.


LoadAvg currently only monitors the number of queries and the bandwidth being sent and received to and from the MySQL database. You can toggle the display mode using the blue view bandwidth / view queries link in the graph legend to view the bandwidth usage as seen below.


MySQL Settings

You can configure the MySQL module via is settings on the module settings page. There you can set a few variables to help you with the display of your data as seen below.


Overload : Not currently used
Mysqlserver : Location of the MySQL database (usually localhost)
Mysqluser : The user to connect to your MySQL database as
Mysqlpassword : The password to connect to your MySQL database with
Show queries : Selects weather to display queries or bytes sent and received

The important values here are Mysqlserver, Mysqluser and Mysqlpassword without which the logger will be unable to get the data it needs.