The Network module allows you to track and monitor load that is being generated by your network devices. It does this by tracking the bandwidth that is sent and received across your devices and recording this information for display in the LoadAvg charting module as seen below.


LoadAvg can monitor multiple devices, allowing you to track both private, internal connections, external connections and even wifi connections.

Network Settings

You can configure the Network module via is settings on the module settings page. The network module has two separate setting sections, one is located at the top of the page and allows you to select the devices you wish to monitor, and the other is lower down the page and controls the overloads and thresholds. We will be combining these in a later release.

Here is a image of the section where you choose the devices you wish to monitor.


And here is the chart settings module where you can set a few variables to help you with the display of your data as seen below.